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Russia could DROP BOMBS on foreign ships that ignore coast guard’s warnings & cross into country’s territorial waters, Moscow says — RT

British destroyer violated the Russian naval border

 One day after a British destroyer violated the Russian naval border, the country’s deputy foreign minister has warned that Moscow is reserving the right to use force against foreign warships that cross into its territorial waters.

Speaking on Thursday, Sergey Ryabkov said that Russia’s territorial integrity will be protected by any means possible, including by military force.

“We can only appeal to common sense and demand respect for international law,” Ryabkov told reporters. “If that doesn’t help and if our colleagues don’t understand, we may not only bomb on course, but also on target.”

Ryabkov’s threat referred to Wednesday’s incident with Britain’s HMS Defender, when a Russian warplane “performed a warning bombing” ahead of the ship’s course to force it into international waters.

According to Russia’s Ministry of Defense, the British naval ship entered the country’s territorial waters at 11:52am local time and traveled 3km inside the frontier, near Cape Fiolent, in Crimea. The Ministry also said that the destroyer had been warned in advance about the use of weapons....rt


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Nach dem militärischen Zwischenfall vor der Krim hat Russland mit einer Bombardierung britischer Schiffe bei erneuten Konfrontationen gedroht. "Wir können an den gesunden Menschenverstand appellieren, die Einhaltung des Völkerrechts fordern, und wenn das nicht funktioniert, können wir bombardieren", sagte Vize-Außenminister Sergej Rjabkow am Donnerstag russischen Nachrichtenagenturen zufolge. In Zukunft würden Bomben bei britischen Schiffen "nicht nur auf ihren Weg, sondern auch auf das Ziel" abgeworfen. In Moskau wurde die britische Botschafterin Deborah Bronnert einbestellt.

Rjabkows Aussagen bezogen sich auf die russische Darstellung, bei dem Vorfall am Mittwoch im Schwarzen Meer sei das britisch Kriegsschiff HMS "Defender" bis zu drei Kilometer tief in russische Gewässer eingedrungen. Demnach drehte es erst nach Warnschüssen und Bombenabwürfen bei. Großbritannien hat die Darstellung zurückgewiesen und insbesondere Warnschüsse und Bombeneinsätze dementiert. Premierminister Boris Johnson erklärte am Donnerstag, der Zerstörer habe sich rechtmäßig in internationalen Gewässern bewegt. Der wichtige Punkt sei, dass Großbritannien Russlands Annexion der Krim nicht anerkenne. "Das sind ukrainische Gewässer, und es war vollkommen richtig, sie zu nutzen, um sich von A nach B zu bewegen." Außenminister Dominic Raab nannte die russische Darstellung "erwartungsgemäß ungenau".

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Le FSB a publié une vidéo des discussions entre les garde-frontières russes et un destroyer britannique, entré le 23 juin dans les eaux russes au large de la Crimée. 

Dans la vidéo, les forces de sécurité russes demandent à plusieurs reprises au navire britannique de sortir des eaux territoriales russes et procède à des tirs de sommation après plusieurs avertissements.


  1. Russia has released a video showing a coast guard vessel warning the HMS Defender that it was violating its state border and firing warning shots at the British warship, challenging London’s assertions about Wednesday's encounter.

    The short clip, released on Thursday by Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB), shows the confrontation between a patrol ship and the ironically named Royal Navy destroyer that sailed past Cape Fiolent, near the Crimean city of Sevastopol on Wednesday.

    “If you don’t change course to starboard, I will fire,” the coast guard vessel officer radioes the British destroyer, warning the warship it was about to violate Russian territorial waters.

    “You must immediately leave the territorial sea of Russian Federation,” comes the second warning. Then the captain is heard issuing the orders, in Russian. “Fire warning shots. DO NOT, repeat NOT hit the Defender. Confirm, over.

    Moscow has also claimed that at least one interceptor aircraft also dropped bombs onto the Defender’s course, careful not to hit the invading ship...rt

  2. Moscow has warned it will bomb foreign warships that stray into its waters and said Britain’s ambassador will be summoned to the Russian foreign ministry over Wednesday’s startling Black Sea confrontation.

    Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused the UK of lying as it played down the incident in which Russia said it fired warning shots and dropped bombs in the path of a Royal Navy destroyer that entered its territorial waters.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that the HMS Defender was acting legally and that the UK did not recognise Russia’s claim to the waters off the coast of Crimea. “I think it was wholly appropriate to use international waters,” he told reporters. “The important point is that we don’t recognise the Russian annexation of Crimea.”

  3. Britain accused Russia of disinformation over the incident. “These are things that come and go with Russia; disinformation, misinformation is something that we have seen regularly,” Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said. “We are not surprised by it, we plan for it.”

  4. The BBC also released footage from the ship showing a Russian officer warning that he would shoot if the Defender did not change course.

    “No shots were fired at HMS Defender,” Mr Raab said while in Singapore to discuss trade deals. “The Royal Navy ship was conducting innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters. We were doing so in accordance with international law and the Russian characterisation is predictably inaccurate.”

    “Innocent passage” is an internationally recognised right for ships to sail through territorial waters of a country provided they mean no harm.

    The Ministry of Defence on Wednesday denied that a Russian warship fired warning shots and that a fighter jet dropped bombs in the destroyer’s path off the coast of Crimea, saying Moscow was carrying out routine gunnery exercises.


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