Saturday, October 30, 2021

Syrian Air Defense Systems Countering Attack From Golan Heights Area - Reports - UrduPoint

Syrian air defense systems are working to counter an attack from the Golan Heights area, the Syrian state broadcaster reported Saturday.

Explosions could be heard in a suburb of Damascus earlier in the day, state-owned media reported.

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  1. Two soldiers were injured after Israel hit targets near the Syrian capital, Damascus, Syria's SANA news agency has reported. The agency added that several missiles were destroyed in mid-air.

    Israel launched several missiles from the northern side of the West Bank at a number of targets in the Damascus countryside shortly after 11am local time on Saturday, SANA wrote, citing a military source.

    The source said the country’s ground defense forces “repelled” the attack by destroying several missiles in mid-air, adding that two Syrian soldiers were wounded. Israel has not commented on the matter.

    Damascus has accused Israel of attacking its territory in the past. Tel Aviv claims Iran is using Syrian soil to stage attacks against its cities and military. Israel has previously admitted to striking over 200 of what it said were Iranian-linked targets in Syria between 2017 and 2018.

    Last year, the Israel Defense Forces said it had launched airstrikes on Syrian military targets after allegedly finding explosive devices planted on the Israeli-occupied part of Syria’s Golan Heights.


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