Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Turkish Air Force Conducts "Operation" Against Kurdish Militants In Northern Iraq, Syria - UrduPoint

The Turkish Air Force conducted an operation against Kurdish militants in northern Iraq and Syria, the Turkish National Defense Ministry said in a statement.

"The Turkish Air Force conducted air operation Winter Eagle against the PKK/KCK/YPG terrorists (the Kurdistan Workers' Party, banned in Turkey, Kurdish armed People's Protection Units) in the Derik, Sinjar and Karacak areas used by them in as bases in northern Iraq and Syria," the ministry said.

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  1. Turkish warplanes hit Kurdish militants targets, including training camps, shelters and ammunition storage areas in Iraq and northern Syria, the Turkish Defence Ministry said on Wednesday.

    All the planes taking part in the operation, which it said targeted the areas of Derik, Sincar and Karacak, subsequently returned to their bases. It did not provide any information on casualties resulting from the strikes.


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