Thursday, May 19, 2022

US Senate To Vote On $40Bln Ukraine Aid Bill Thursday Despite Objections

The US Senate is expected to vote on Thursday on a Ukraine aid bill that will provide $40 billion in support for the country's military and economy, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said.

"Tomorrow, I expect the Senate will finish the critical task of approving another round of military, humanitarian and economic aid to the people of Ukraine," Schumer said on the Senate floor on Wednesday evening.

Shucmer pointed out that the vote should have already taken place, but Republican Senator Rand Paul "chose to make a show and obstruct Ukraine funding knowing full well he couldn't actually stop its passage."

Delaying passing the legislation for political motives serves to strengthen Russian Pressident Vladimir Putin's hand, Schumer said.

Last week, Paul delayed attempts to fast-track the bill, citing concerns about spending billions of Dollars on Ukraine amid galloping inflation and disrupted supply chains at home.

Paul also attempted to insert oversight authorities into the legislation to keep track of the funding and weapons being sent to Ukraine.

"Now is perhaps the most inappropriate time to spend more taxpayer dollars on a poorly targeted spending spree while Americans struggle with the effects of price increases and supply chain issues," Paul said on Wednesday via Twitter.

Paul's concerns are shared by almost a dozen other Republican Senators, including Josh Hawley, who voted on Tuesday against advancing the legislation. Hawley called the bill a "return to nation building."

The legislation would authorize roughly $20 billion for the Defense Department to spend on security assistance for Ukraine, including a provision for military equipment. The bill would also provide almost $9 billion in economic assistance, over $4 billion in humanitarian aid and another $4 billion in foreign military financing through the State Department.

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