Thursday, June 23, 2022

London Admits Replenishing UK’s Weapons Stockpiles Could Take ‘Years' | Farsnews Agency

The UK has given so many arms to Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia that it’ll take years for the country to replace its depleted weapons stockpiles, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, chief of British Defence Staff, stated.

The “rate of expenditure” of weapons in Ukraine and the “industrial capacity to backfill” have now become “a significant issue” for the British military, Radakin told the Lords International Relations and Defence Committee on Wednesday, according to The Independent.

London has been among the most active backers of Kiev during the Russian military operation in Ukraine. It has insisted on a military resolution of the conflict, supplying the Ukrainian forces with a wide range of arms, including anti-tank rocket launchers, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft systems and Brimstone missiles.

The UK government would need to work closely with defense suppliers in order to make up for those deliveries, the chief of Defence Staff noted. A dozen top companies in the sector have already been invited to Downing Street for talks, he added.

According to Radakin, replenishing weapons stockpiles will be a lengthy process.

“We are then talking in years, because you cannot whistle up, with modern weapons, a quick production line,” he pointed out.

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