Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Belarusian intelligence registers unprecedented rate of militarization of Poland - TASS

While declaring false slogans about a threat from the East, Polish authorities take unprecedented measures to increase Poland’s military potential, says Ruslan Kosygin, head of the Main Investigative Directorate, deputy head of the General Staff of Belarusian Armed Forces.

"In order to reinforce their military authority among their Western masters, Polish authorities commenced unprecedented measures to reinforce their military potential under false slogans of a threat from the East, and necessity to reinforce NATO’s Eastern flank," he said, according to BelTA.

According to Kosygin, the main consequence of such policy was the decision to increase the size of the Armed Forces to 300,000 servicemen. Furthermore, some major Polish politicians call to increase this number to 400,000.

"Simultaneously, the Polish leadership intends to increase military spending to at least 3% fo GDP," the official noted.

He pointed out that Poland has completed upgrade of five airstrips and continue upgrading four more. Naval bases and ports are being actively modernized in order to increase admission capabilities for military cargo, landing and strike NATO military ships. Training centers and proving grounds are being reconstructed to ensure NATO contingents’ operation. A forward storage facility for US Army vehicles and materiel has been established in Powidz.

Kosygin underscored that Washington and its allies seek to create hotbeds of tensions and local military conflict in direct proximity of the Union State, and even pull Russia and Belarus in them.

"Poland raises particular concerns, since it has already repeatedly displayed its imperial ambitions and, with a support from the White House, positions itself as a leader, not only in Eastern, but in Central Europe as well," he concluded.

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