Thursday, August 4, 2022

Chinese military carries out precision strikes in eastern part of Taiwan Strait | Al Arabiya English

The Chinese army launched projectiles into the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, AFP journalists saw, as Beijing’s military announced “long-range live ammunition firing” in the area.

AFP reporters saw several small projectiles fired from the proximity of nearby military installations flying into the sky followed by plumes of white smoke and loud booming sounds around 1.13 pm (0513 GMT).

China’s military said in a statement it had carried out “long-range live ammunition firing on specific areas in the eastern Taiwan Strait.”

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  1. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army launched missiles with conventional warheads into the water areas east of Taiwan in large-scale drills around the island, Spokesperson for the Chinese Army’s Eastern Theater Command Senior Colonel Shi Yi said in a statement on Thursday.

    "On the afternoon of August 4, the missile troops of the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army conducted launches of missiles with conventional warheads against many water areas east of Taiwan," the statement reads.

    All the missiles accurately hit the notional targets in the designated areas of the drills, the spokesperson said.

    The Chinese Amy accomplished all the tasks of its live-fire exercise in full and control of the relevant parts of the sea and the airspace was lifted, the statement reads.


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