Monday, August 8, 2022

Report Warns ‘Millions’ of Germans Won’t Be Able to Pay for Heating | Farsnews Agency

At least a third of Germans on low incomes may not be able to pay increasingly high energy bills, the German Tenants’ Association (DMB) warned, urging the government to make changes to housing programs.
“That’s a hell of a lot of people,” Lukas Siebenkotten, the DMB’s chief, told newspaper Der Tagesspiegel on Sunday, adding, “We’re talking about millions here.”

Siebenkotten urged the government to allow more people to claim housing benefits in the wake of rising energy prices.

“Tenants must also be protected from the termination of contracts if they cannot make increased advance payments,” he said.

The remarks came after Klaus Mueller, the head of the Federal Network Agency, Germany’s gas regulator, warned that consumers should conserve at least 20% of gas in order to avoid shortages during the winter.

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