Sunday, November 27, 2022

Syria reinforces its army in northern Aleppo to repel possible Turkish attack — media

The Syrian army command has deployed more troops and armored vehicles to the city of Ayn al-Arab located 150 kilometers northwest of the city of Aleppo, the Al Watan ndewspaper said on Sunday, citing a Syrian military source.

According to the source, at least 20 tanks and armored personnel carriers, as well as artillery systems and heavy machineguns have been deployed to the area.

Syria decided to reinforce its army positions in that area after intense shelling by Turkish forces and Syrian armed opposition units, who delivered more than 40 artillery strikes near Ayn al-Arab and Tell Rifaat. Earlier, Turkish drones attacked the Meneg military airfield.

On November 22, Syria reinforced its army group in the Raqqa governorate. A convoy of armored vehicles and heavy weapons reached the city of Ayn Issa located on a strategic highway linking Syria’s eastern and western regions. Fresh forces were also deployed to Tell Tamer in the northwest of the al-Hasakah governorate to repel a possible Turkish attack.

Turkish warplanes and artillery have been delivering strikes at territories controlled by the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the north of the Aleppo, Raqqa, and al-Hasakah governorates. According to the SDF, as many as 795 shells have been fired by Turkish troops at settlements located in this area over the past 48 hours. Local residents are fleeing their homes, seeking shelter in safer regions.

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