Monday, November 14, 2022

Ukrainian Energy Utility Says One Of Key Energy Facilities Damaged By Russian Strikes

One of Ukraine's key energy facilities was seriously damaged last week, Ukrainian national energy company Ukrenergo said on Monday.

"Last week, one of the key facilities of Ukrenergo was damaged. This affected the (energy) supply of a number of areas, the situation in which is still difficult," the company said on Telegram.

A difficult situation in the energy supply is registered in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, as well as in a number of other regions throughout Ukraine, where planned and emergency power outages are applied, the company added.

"Kiev and Kharkiv energy hubs are large regions of electricity consumption, where electricity is transferred from those regions where it is now produced.

But the network in these areas has suffered very serious damage and it is gradually being restored by Ukrenergo and other energy companies," the company noted.

According to the statement, "not a single energy system was subjected to such large-scale damage that the Ukrainian energy sector has suffered since October 10."

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