Thursday, January 26, 2023

Ukraine wakes up to deadly attacks after securing battle tanks

Eleven people were killed across Ukraine as Russia pummelled the country with a wave of missile and drone attacks, according to Ukraine’s emergency services.

Thursday’s rush-hour assault came a day after Kyiv secured the battle tanks it has long called for from Germany and the United States, a development Russia warned was a “dangerous” escalation.

 Crowds of people took shelter in train stations as air raid sirens rang out across the country.

 A Ukrainian air force spokesperson said as many as six Tu-95 warplanes took off from the Arctic region of Murmansk in northern Russia and launched long-range missiles.

Kyiv authorities said their air defences shot down more than 15 Russian missiles fired at the capital, but they urged residents to take shelter due to the threat of more attacks.

Strikes were also reported in the central region of Vinnytsia.


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