Friday, February 24, 2023

UK sanctions against Rosatom jeopardize int’l nuclear security

Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom said on Friday that Great Britain’s sanctions against its executives and a number of Russia nuclear sector companies jeopardize international nuclear security.

"Great Britain’s sanctions against Rosatom executives and a number of its affiliate companies in no way encourage productive cooperation in the nuclear sphere and jeopardize international nuclear security," it said.

The corporation also said that it has taken all possible measures to minimize the British sanction’s impact on its business.

"Until today, even in the years of the complete absence of political mutual understanding, the nuclear sector, bearing in mind its long production cycle and specific approaches in the sphere of nuclear security, has been staying beyond politics and only in the sphere of international cooperation and development," it said, adding that the Russian nuclear sector’s position remains unchanged. "We have always been working and continue to work across the globe transparently, in the interests of our partners and strictly complying with international and national laws," it noted.

"In any conditions, Rosatom has been committed to its international obligations. We will continue to implement all current contracts as long as it is possible," it stressed.

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