Friday, March 17, 2023

France has no money for pensions, but there are always funds for military aid to Ukraine - Leader Of Patriots Party

The leader of France's Eurosceptic party The Patriots, Florian Philippot, has told RIA Novosti that the French authorities may "slow down" the decision on the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine.

"Everything is possible. However, I think this issue is becoming an increasingly difficult one for the French government since the French are increasingly in favor of negotiations and stopping arms shipments to Ukraine, as we can see from opinion polls," Philippot said when asked whether Paris would decide to supply Kiev with heavy arms.

Moreover, the politician said that it would not be easy for Paris to send weapons and funds to Ukraine because of the current situation in France with the pension reform and the crisis in the healthcare system.

He added that many French are already wondering why the government has no money for pensions, but there are always funds for military aid to Ukraine.

"I think the authorities will slow down the decision on the issue; they just would not have any other choice ... The French are forcing the authorities to 'slow down,' to send fewer weapons and money (to Ukraine)," the politician noted.

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