Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Moscow On UK Plans To Send Shells With Depleted Uranium To Kiev: Yugoslavia Scenario. Their benefactors are poisoning them

 Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called UK plans to send depleted uranium shells to Ukraine the "Yugoslavia scenario."

Earlier, UK Minister of State for Defence Annabel Goldie said that along with the provision of Challenger 2 battle tanks to Ukraine, the country would supply ammunition, including armor-piercing shells that contained depleted uranium.

"The Yugoslavia scenario. These shells not only kill, but infect the environment and cause cancer in people living on these lands," Zakharova said on Telegram.

According to Zakharova, "it is naive to believe that only those against whom this will be used will become victims."

"In Yugoslavia, first of all, NATO soldiers, in particular the Italians, suffered. Then they for a long time tried to get compensation from NATO for their lost health. But their claims were denied," she said.

"When will they wake up in Ukraine? I'm not talking about the addicts on the Bankovaya Street. But about those who are still able to think. Their benefactors are poisoning them," Zakharova said.

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