Friday, May 26, 2023

3 killed in stabbing, shooting in central Japan

A woman and two police officers were killed on Thursday in a stabbing and shooting incident involving a man armed with a hunting rifle in Japan's central prefecture of Nagano, local media reported.

The male suspect, after fleeing the scene, has holed up in a nearby building which is possibly the residence of a local assembly speaker, where multiple gunshots were heard at night, according to local media outlets.

Local police said another man sustained injuries, but his conditions remained uncertain as he was still in close proximity to the scene to be evacuated at the moment.

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  1. A 31-year-old man has been arrested in rural Japan after four people were killed in a rare gun and knife attack involving a 12-hour standoff with police.

    The suspect was taken into custody on suspicion of murder after barricading himself in his father’s home near the city of Nakano, northwest of the capital Tokyo, at about 4.30am (19:30 GMT) on Friday.


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