Wednesday, May 24, 2023

London Recruiting Mercenaries From Middle East, Africa For Ukraines Offensive

London is recruiting mercenaries from the middle East and North Africa to join Ukraine's counteroffensive, a vacancy published on the Adzuna job search engine says.

"We invite citizens from the Middle East and North Africa to participate in a voluntary program to assist Ukraine on a competitive basis... Military specialists with good health and psychological stability are required to participate in the Ukrainian counteroffensive. Participants must understand all risks and sign a waiver of claims," the job advert reads.

The advertising company, EU Citizenship Program, SUH, is located in Sands End in London. It is looking for a "military maintenance technician" on a full-time basis.

Applicants are offered a permanent contract worth 20,000 Pounds sterling ($24,816).

The employer guarantees accelerated citizenship in the United Kingdom or the European Union after the contract expires and compliance with requirements is verified.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has many times brought up the issue of foreign mercenaries fighting in Ukraine. According to data provided by the ministry, several thousand mercenaries from over 60 countries are taking part in the conflict. Moscow considers the involvement of mercenaries in the conflict to be a form of support for Kiev by the West.

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