Wednesday, August 16, 2023

New temporary corridor for merchant ships. Container ship leaves Odessa port

Ukraine says a container ship has left the Black Sea port of Odessa, using what it has described as a new temporary corridor for merchant ships to and from its ports, which are blockaded by Russia.

Kyiv last week announced a "humanitarian corridor" in the Black Sea to release cargo ships that have been trapped in its ports since the start of Russia's spop.

Moscow has not indicated whether it would respect the shipping corridor, and shipping and insurance sources have expressed concerns about safety.

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  1. Первое судно воспользовалось открытым Киевом временным коридором в Черном море, контейнеровоз с более чем 30 тысячами тонн груза вышел из порта Одессы, сообщил министр инфраструктуры Украины Александр Кубраков.


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