Monday, September 25, 2023

After the applause of the Canadian parliament to SS veteran , the UN spoke out against honoring the Nazis

The UN opposes the glorification of the Nazis, said the official representative of the secretary general of the world organization, Stephane Dujarric, at a briefing.

"As I have seen from reports, the Speaker of the House in Ottawa has already apologized for inviting this person, given the reasons he gave. We are, of course, opposed to any honoring of people who were actively involved in the activities of the Nazis during the Second World War ", Dujarric said in response to a request to comment on the incident with the applause of the Canadian parliament to SS veteran Jaroslav Hunke.

 On September 22, Hunke was invited to a special meeting of the Canadian Parliament, timed to coincide with the visit of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. There, the 98-year-old man was introduced to the applause of the audience as “a fighter for Ukrainian independence against the Russians during the Second World War.”

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  1. Министр иностранных дел Канады Мелани Жоли заявила, что спикер палаты общин Энтони Рота должен уйти в отставку из-за приглашения и чествования бывшего бойца СС Ярослава Хунка в парламенте. Об этом во вторник, 26 сентября, сообщает CTV News.

    «То, что случилось в пятницу, совершенно неприемлемо. Это позор для палаты, для канадцев. Я считаю, что спикер должен прислушаться к членам палаты и уйти в отставку», — объяснила она.


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