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Friday, April 25, 2014

Pourquoi un salaire minimum à 3 270 euros en Suisse n'est pas si élevé

Non, 3 270 euros par mois, ce n'est pas trop. En tout cas, pas en Suisse. Ses habitants sont appelés à voter le 18 mai pour ou contre la mise en place d'un salaire minimum à 4 000 francs suisses, c'est-à-dire à 3 270 euros. Si un tel montant peut paraître démesuré par rapport au smic français, il ne l'est pas tant que ça au vu du coût de la vie helvétique. Francetv info vous dit pourquoi en trois étapes.

1 Parce que les Suisses travaillent plus

La proposition des deux syndicats suisses, l'Union des syndicats suisses (USS) et l'Unia, prévoit un salaire minimum général de 4 000 francs suisses par mois, soit 3 270 euros. Ce salaire représente 2,26 smic brut – avant le retrait des charges sociales – français. En effet, au 1er janvier 2014, le smic était de 1 445,38 euros. Mais cette comparaison ne prend pas en compte la durée de travail hebdomadaire.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Rising poverty: 343,000 Germans on welfare benefits...

While German policymakers are boasting of an improving economy, the number of households needing government support is on the rise. Official figures show those requiring welfare in the country went up 3.3 percent to 343,000 at the end of 2012.

The latest figures show an increase from 332,000 Germans on  subsistence payments  in 2011, the German Federal statistics office said on Monday. The category of people on  "public assistance"  embraces those who can’t support themselves from their own resources or from benefits of other social institutions.

Germany is often seen as the European economic powerhouse, and at the forefront of the EU economic recovery between April and June of 2013. The country’s 0.7 percent expansion served as a key driver for the area’s 0.3 percent GDP increase – the first growth following 18 months of economic contraction.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

‘Up to 146 million risk poverty if EU’s austerity drags on’.

As EU countries battle the financial crisis with austerity, average citizens get hurt while unemployment rises and social programs disappear. Up to 146 million Europeans are at risk of falling into poverty by 2025, the head of Oxfam’s EU office told RT.
If the damage being inflicted by the European Union’s austerity measures is not reversed, the number of people trapped in poverty will increase by up to 25 million people. If that is the case, Europe will be facing a “lost decade,” leading philanthropy organization Oxfam revealed in its new report.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Contro chi e ricco e non lo sa ... chi sporchera la verita ...

Canzone arrabbiata

Canto, per chi non ha fortuna
canto per me
canto per rabbia questa luna
contro di te
contro chi e ricco e non lo sa
chi sporcherà la verità

cammino e canto, a la rabbia che mi fa.

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