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Friday, May 26, 2023

If West Gives Ukraine Nuclear Arms, Russia Will Need To Launch Preemptive Strike- Medvedev

If Western countries give Ukraine nuclear weapons, Russia will need to launch a preemptive strike, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday.

Monday, April 3, 2023

Russia has right to use of its army preventively in light of events around it — Kremlin

Aggressive developments around Russia make it necessary for Moscow to use the armed forces in a preventive manner, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told media on Monday, while commenting on the adoption of the updated Foreign Policy Concept.

Friday, December 9, 2022

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Kremlin Unaware of Letter Saying DPRK Was Ready to Conduct Nuclear Strike on US

The letter that the North Korean delegation has submitted through Russian upper house speaker Valentina Matvienko to Russian President Vladimir Putin, said Pyongyang was prepared to conduct a nuclear strike against the United States, a source familiar with the talks told Sputnik.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Japan PM Abe: 'All Options on the Table' with North Korea

North Korea
As US President arrives in Tokyo on Sunday, he and Japanese PM are expected to act in lockstep in terms of their messaging on North Korea - nuclear weapons and missile development are entirely unacceptable and "all options are on the table" in terms of how this threat may be met.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

DPRK warns of preemptive missile strikes against Guam

U.S. military base of Guam in the Pacific
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has warned of making preemptive strikes against the U.S. military base of Guam in the Pacific, after two U.S. strategic bombers were sent again Tuesday to South Korea to stage mock nuclear bomb droppings exercise on DPRK strategic targets, said the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

North Korea ‘neither fears war nor wants to avoid it,’ says country’s UN mission

North Korea is not afraid of a war with the US and is sure it will "win a victory in the death-defying struggle against the US imperialists," the North Korean Permanent Mission to the UN said in a statement on Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

US VP Pence Warns North Korea: 'The Sword Stands Ready'

From the wind-swept deck of a massive aircraft carrier, Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday warned North Korea not to test the resolve of the US military, promising it would make an "overwhelming and effective" response to any use of conventional or nuclear weapons.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Trump No Longer Wants to Call China 'Currency Manipulator' Amid N Korean Problem

US President Donald Trump no longer calls China a "currency manipulator" and Washington needs Beijing's help in solving the North Korean issue amid Pyongyang's alleged recent missile test and threats of launching a "preemptive strike" in case of a US' "provocation."

Saturday, April 15, 2017

North Korea says it is ready for nuclear war

A vice chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea said on Saturday during a large military parade that the North Korean people are "ready for war" against the United States.

Friday, April 14, 2017

North Korea Vows to Launch 'Preemptive Strike' in Case of Any US 'Provocation'

A representative of the North Korean General Staff said that Pyongyang will launch a "preemptive strike" in case of any US' "political, economic or military provocation."

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