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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Russia Must Find Out Where Syrian Militants Got MANPADS That Downed Su-25

Downed Su-25
Russian lawmakers called for a thorough investigation on the origins of the man-portable missile launcher that was likely used by militants in Syria to shoot down a Russian fighter jet before killing the pilot in a firefight.

Pentagon: US Has Not Equipped "Allies" in Syria With Surface-to-Air Weapons

US Has Not Equipped "Allies" in Syria With Surface-to-Air Weapons
Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon told Sputnik on Saturday, hours after a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft was downed by militants in Syria, that the United States did not equip partner forces in Syria with surface-to-air weapons.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Russian Su-25 jet downed in Syria, pilot killed – Defense Ministry

A Russian Su-25 jet has crashed in Idlib province in north-western Syria, the Russian Defence Ministry confirmed, adding that it was probably shot down by MANPAD. The pilot ejected but was killed by militants on the ground.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Russia’s air group in Syria attacked 237 terrorist targets in Syria over two days

Russia’s air group in Syria over the past two days attacked 237 terrorist targets in Syria. Russian warplanes flew 131 sorties, the Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Igor Konashenkov, told the media.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Flight MH17 shot down "by mistake", US intelligence indicates

Pro-Russia rebels probably shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, US intelligence officials said on Tuesday, but they were likely ‘ill-trained’ and did not know what they were shooting at.

Evidence gathered so far suggests separatists launched the SA-11 surface-to-air missile that blew up the Malaysian airliner on July 17, but it remains unclear “who pulled the trigger” and why, said a senior intelligence official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“The most plausible explanation... was that it was a mistake,” and that the missile was fired by “an ill-trained crew” using a system that requires some skill and training, the official said.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Η Ρωσία κατέγραψε Ουκρανικό Su-25 να πετά Κοντά στο Μαλαισιανό Boeing 777

....«Καταγράψαμε την πτήση ενός ουκρανικού αεροσκάφος Su-25 στην κατεύθυνση του μαλαισιανού Boeing το οποίο βρισκόταν σε μια απόσταση 3 ως 5 χιλιομέτρων. 

Το Su-25 μπορεί να φθάσει σε ύψος 10.000 μέτρων. Διαθέτει πυραύλους αέρος-αέρος οι οποίοι έχουν βεληνεκές έως και 12 χλμ. και εγγυώνται την καταστροφή οποιουδήποτε στόχου σε απόσταση έως και 5 χλμ.», δήλωσε ο στρατηγός κατά τη διάρκεια συνέντευξης Τύπου στο υπουργείο Αμύνης.

Ukrainian Su-25 was approaching Malaysian Boeing. (3 to 5 km, according to records)

Russian radars recorded a Ukrainian Su-25, that was supposedly flying in the direction of the Malaysian jetliner that crashed above the territory of Ukraine, representatives of the General Staff said at a press conference.

"An aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force was gaining altitude, its distance from the Malaysian Boeing ranged from 3 to 5 km, according to our records," the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff, Andrei Kartopolov said.

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