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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

China condemns phone call between Czech president-elect, Taiwanese leader

China has expressed strong protest and made a representation to the Czech authorities over a telephone conversation between the republic’s President-elect Petr Pavel and Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning said at a regular press briefing on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Pentagon chief doubts China’s invasion of Taiwan is imminent

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin doubts that China’s invasion of Taiwan is imminent, as he himself said at a press conference following a meeting between the US and Japanese foreign policy and defense chiefs.

Monday, January 9, 2023

China says it carried out more military drills around Taiwan

China’s military has said it carried out military exercises around the self-ruled island of Taiwan that focussed on land strikes and sea assaults, the second such drills in less than a month.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Military officers suspected of spying for China detained by Taiwan

Taiwan detained three active-duty officers and a retired Air Force officer suspected of spying for China, the Central News Agency in Taipei reported, a case that hints at the extent of Beijing’s snooping on its much smaller neighbor.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

US State Dept. Authorizes Possible Sale Of Anti-Tank Systems Worth $180 Million To Taiwan

The US State Department has authorized a possible sale of Volcano anti-tank systems worth $180 million to Taiwan, the Department's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs said on Twitter.

Monday, December 26, 2022

China ‘sends record number of fighter jets’ toward Taiwan

The Chinese military has sent 71 planes and seven ships towards Taiwan, according to the Taiwanese defence ministry, marking the biggest daily incursion yet as Beijing protested against “collusion and provocation” by the self-ruled island and the United States.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Taiwan scrambles combat jets to warn away Chinese air force incursion: Ministry

Taiwan scrambled combat jets to warn away 39 Chinese aircraft that entered its southeastern air defense zone, the island’s defense ministry said on Thursday.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

China Urges Australia To Stop Sending Wrong Signals To Taiwan

Australia should adhere to the internationally recognized one-China principle and stop sending misleading signals to "separatist forces" on the island of Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said on Tuesday.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Australia's Prime Minister Says He's Not in Group of Australian MPs to Visit Taiwan

Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said on Saturday he would not be part of a group of federal politicians set to travel to Taiwan for a reported five-day visit aimed at conveying Australia's wish to maintain peace in the Indo-Pacific.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Taiwan Leader Tsai Quits As Ruling Party Chief After Local Elections Loss - UrduPoint

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has stepped down as head of her ruling party after it suffered defeat in Saturday's local elections, while the Beijing-friendly main opposition held its ground.

Monday, November 14, 2022

China’s Xi warned Biden not to cross Taiwan ‘red line’ in summit talks: State media

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned his US counterpart Joe Biden not to cross Beijing’s “red line” over the island of Taiwan in Monday’s summit meeting between the two, state media reported.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Xi Declares China Will Focus on Preparing for War

China will focus on preparing for war with the country's security "increasingly unstable and uncertain", President Xi Jingping declared.

China Warns Taiwan of Opposition after Lithuania Chip Plan

China has vowed resolute opposition to any efforts by Taiwan to collude with external forces and pursue independence, a spokesman of its foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

China Enshrines Opposition to Taiwan Independence into Its Constitution

China's Communist Party enshrined its opposition to Taiwanese independence in its constitution on Saturday, according to a resolution released at the end of its twice-a-decade congress.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Taiwan issue: China would never renounce the right to use force but still strive for a peaceful resolution

Chinese President Xi Jinping would become a "sinner" of all Chinese people if he attacked Taiwan and would not win a war as he would face international sanctions and diplomatic isolation, Taiwan's top security official said on Thursday.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

China Not Excluding Use Of Force To Resolve Taiwan Issue

 China does not exclude the use of force to resolve the Taiwan issue, but only against the supporters of the island's independence and interfering forces from third countries, Sun Yeli, a spokesperson for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, said on Saturday.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

US sending ‘dangerous signals’ on Taiwan, China tells Blinken

China has accused the United States of sending “very wrong, dangerous signals” on Taiwan, and has told Washington that it had “no right to interfere” in whatever methods Beijing may use to “resolve” the Taiwan issue.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

China Willing to Make Effort for Peaceful 'Reunification' with Taiwan

China is willing to make the utmost effort to strive for a peaceful "reunification" with Taiwan, a Chinese government spokesperson said on Wednesday, following weeks of military maneuvers and war games by Beijing near the island.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Biden says US forces would defend Taiwan from Chinese invasion

United States President Joe Biden has said US forces would defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion, the strongest indication yet of a shift away from Washington’s decades-long policy of strategic ambiguity toward the island democracy.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

China Slams US Senate Bill Supporting Taiwan's Defense - Tasnim News Agency

China accused the US of violating its commitment to the “One China” principle and interfering in internal Chinese affairs Thursday, after the US Senate Foreign Relations committee approved a new bill that could significantly increase American defense support for Taiwan.

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