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Thursday, January 12, 2017

British immigration minister proposes levy on skilled EU workers after Brexit

Britain's Minister of State for Immigration Robert Goodwill on Wednesday proposed a levy of a 1,000 pounds (about 1,220 US dollars) a year on skilled workers in the European Union employed by British companies after Brexit.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Luxembourg rules out full voting rights for foreigners

Luxembourg overwhelmingly rejected in a referendum on Sunday giving full voting rights to foreign nationals, who make up nearly half the population.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Refugee-Laden Ship Commandeered by Italian Coast Guard Docks in Gallipoli

A large freighter filled with up to 700 refugees docked in the port of Gallipoli, Italy on Wednesday morning after being taken over by the Italian coast guard, which subsequently commandeered the ship to prevent it from crashing into the Italian coast, the BBC reports.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blue Sky M: Frachter offenbar doch nicht in Seenot / Blue Sky M heading towards Italy

Griechische Medien hatten gemeldet, der Frachter habe einen Motorschaden und treibe im starken Wind. Die "Blue Sky" sei seit Tagen vor der griechischen Westküste unterwegs gewesen.

«Σήμα κινδύνου» από πλοίο με 700 παράνομους μετανάστες δυτικά της Κέρκυρας / Vessel carrying passengers off the Greek island of Corfu has sent a distress signal

Οι ιταλικές αρχές ενημέρωσαν την Ελλάδα - Κατευθύνονται προς τα εκεί Σούπερ Πούμα...

Πλοίο με παράνομους μετανάστες (περίπου 700 άτομα) εξέπεμψε σήμα κινδύνου δυτικά της Κέρκυρας, μέσω του ευρωπαϊκού αριθμού 112.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

‘Outrageous’ text program warns immigrants to leave UK or face arrest. -I came here in 1973 so I was very surprised to receive this message and even found it quite funny.

Labor representatives and civil rights activists are up in arms over a United Kingdom Border Agency plan that has sent text messages to tens of thousands of suspected illegal immigrants, and others in error, warning them to leave the country.

The program, first revealed this week in the Guardian, has been undertaken by the contractor Capita and has already reached approximately 40,000 people. But the Labor Party has called the Home Office “shambolic and incompetent” after a number of people received the messages by mistake - including immigration lawyer Bobby Chan and civil rights activist Suresh Grover.
The message reads, “Message from the UK Border Agency: You are required to leave the UK as you no longer have the right to remain.” Another version states: “Our records show you may not have leave to remain in the UK. Please contact us to discuss your case.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lampedusa boat disaster: Divers recover more bodies.

Divers in Italy have been recovering more bodies from the boat of African migrants that sank on Thursday.
Thirty-two bodies have been brought out on Sunday so far, bringing the official death toll to 143. More than 200 people are still missing and 155 have survived the accident off Lampedusa island.
The authorities have denied allegations that they were slow to mount a rescue.
France has called for an urgent EU meeting after Italy requested help to deal with the influx of

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hellenic excess: Golden Dawn arrests shows Greece go from one extreme to another.

After a long period of inertia in Greece, when gangs organized by the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn “terrorized” immigrants, gays and leftists, the country has gone to another extreme by arresting the party leaders, law Professor George Katrougalos told RT.
Greek authorities are conducting a sweeping crackdown on the far-right Golden Dawn party, arresting its leader, and a dozen senior officials and members on charges of creating a criminal organization. This comes amid anger over the murder of a prominent anti-fascist musician Pavlos Fyssas two weeks ago. Allegedly, the crime was committed by a devoted supporter of Golden Dawn, though Greece’s third-largest party strongly denies any link.
Professor George Katrougalos believes it is unlikely that the party will be banned. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thousands march in Athens protesting racist attacks in Greece (PHOTOS)

About 3,000 immigrants and human rights activists marched in Athens in an anti-racism rally, protesting the death of a 27-year-old Pakistani, who was stabbed in an alleged ‘racially-motivated’ attack earlier this week.
­Participants of the anti-racism rally marched in the city’s central Omonia square, with the demonstrators holding banners reading: “Neo-Nazis out” and “Punishment for the fascist murderers of Shehzad Luqman.”
Earlier on Saturday morning about 300 Pakistani immigrants gathered outside city hall bearing the coffin with the body of Pakistani immigrant Shehzad Luqman, who died Wednesday.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Greece abuses refugees, violates their human rights and EU law - Amnesty International

Afghan asylum seekers*
Greece fails to provide a proper treatment for refugees and respect their rights, violating international and EU laws, according to an Amnesty International investigation. The latest report reveals cases of refugees being cruelly mistreated.
­Due to its position, Greece remains one the ‘the gates’ to the EU for tens of thousands of irregular migrants and asylum-seekers, who try to cross the border looking for shelter and better life within the union.
Under international law Greece is obliged to respect the principle of non-refoulement, which states that no-one should be deported to any country or territory where they face the risk of persecution or other forms of serious harm. It also provides the right for every refugee to apply for asylum.
However, for many refugees coming to Greece from war-torn Syria this has not been the case:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation doesn`t see any real problems with compatriots in Germany

Гарри Мурей высказал свою точку зрения на представленный в начале декабря доклад МИД РФ о ситуации с обеспечением прав человека в ЕС, которую ИА REX публиковало ранее. Ниже приводится перевод этой статьи на английский язык.

The position of the head of the Cologne Human Rights Union in Germany, Master of International Law Garry Murey:
Last week, the Commissioner for Human Rights of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation presented a 73-pages report on the situation of human rights in the EU. The report of the Russian authorities has expressed criticism of the Brussels and separately for 27 countries in the Euro Union. Among the most urgent problems in the EU, the report shows the increase of the neo-Nazism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and racism. Each country is represented as a separate chapter.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

George Soros: To survive, Europe must recapture spirit of solidarity

"Europe has become divided into two classes – depressed debtors like Greece and controlling creditors like Germany. To reverse this, Europe must recapture its spirit of solidarity. A good place to start is where suffering is greatest, in Greece, among thousands of mistreated migrants."

The European Union used to be what psychologists call a “fantastic object,” a desirable goal that fires people’s imagination. I saw it as the embodiment of an open society – an association of nations that gave up part of their sovereignty for the common good and formed a union in which no nation would have a dominant position.
The euro crisis is now threatening to turn the European Union into something fundamentally different. The member countries are divided into two classes – creditors and debtors – with the creditors in charge.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The human cost of austerity

The number of people out of work in Spain has hit a record high as Europe struggles to contain its debt crisis.
New figures show that one-in-four Spanish workers are now without a job. Only Greece has a higher unemployment rate in the European Union (EU).

The hopeless misery of Russian immigrants in Germany - English

The Russian-speaking population in Germany suffers from infringement of their civil rights by local authorities more than any other ethnic minority. Human rights lawyer Henry Murray, who defends the rights of Russian immigrants, believes that Russian immigrants in Germany find themselves in a "penal military unit," from which there is no escape.
"Why did you decide to take up human rights defense?"
"Me and my parents came to Germany in 1992. I graduated a university with a specialization in "Private International Law" and received a Master of International Law.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cuba ends travel exit permit policy

Cubans who wish to travel abroad will no longer require an exit permit as from January 14, 2013, according to the foreign ministry.
The changes, announced on Tuesday, also include an extension to the period citizens are allowed to remain abroad from 11 to 24 months.
The ministry said in a statement that the new law would take effect within 90 days.
The announcement will come as a welcome relief to frustrated citizens who have endured stringent travel restrictions for half a century.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Greece scraps police protection for far-right lawmakers

(Reuters) - Greece scrapped police protection for lawmakers from the far-right Golden Dawn party on Monday after the bodyguards did nothing while the deputies went on a rampage destroying street stands run by migrant vendors.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Islands brace for influx of Syrian refugees

Local authorities on the islands of the northeastern Aegean are bracing for what is expected to be a growing wave of refugees from war-torn Syria, as measures to reduce the inflow of illegal immigrants via the Greek-Turkish border in the Evros region have put a greater strain on the porous coastlines of Greece’s islands.
Local officials in the northeastern Aegean say that there has already been a significant spike in the number of refugees and undocumented migrants that have landed on their shores from Turkey. Their concern is that this wave will grow as the civil war in Syria escalates and that they are ill-equipped to deal with such a large influx.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Atene, manifestazione degli immigrati contro l'orrore della violenza xenofoba

ATENE - Nessun fiore. Zero biglietti. E le macchie di sangue già cancellate in tutta fretta dal marciapiede come si fa con tutto ciò di cui si vergogna. Il palcoscenico dell'ultimo atto della tragedia greca è qui ad Anaxagora, a due passi dal mercato vecchio di Atene. In questi 70 metri di asfalto sporco e arroventato dal sole, il vaso di Pandora della crisi ellenica  ha scatenato - e poi provato subito a dimenticare - il suo figlio più odioso: il razzismo. "E' successo là, vicino a quell'angolo dove ci sono i sacchetti della pattumiera, ma io non ne so niente", mette le mani avanti Ibrahim, come dice di chiamarsi, seduto di fronte al Coinstar money transfer.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

F.Y.R.O.M. news: F.Y.R.O.M. accuses Greece of dumping illegal migrants

FYROM news 
news from FYROM

FYROM has accused Greece of dumping illegal migrants on its territory, the FYROM's daily Dnevnik reported, citing unnamed diplomatic sources. 
Greek authorities have been sending hundreds of migrants across the border mainly at two locations and usually during the night, Dnevnik writes. The authorities in Skopje, capital of EU-candidate FYROM, have reportedly informed the European Union and its border management agency Frontex about the development.

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