Tuesday, March 6, 2018

U.S.' threats to strike on Syrian govt forces based on alleged use of chemical weapons

alleged use of chemical weapons
The United States' plans to strike on Syrian government forces over Damascus's alleged breach of the ban on using chemical weapons are targeted against the lawful administration of this country and play into the hands of terrorists, State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Leonid Slutsky told Interfax on Tuesday.

"Just yesterday the United States tried to accuse Russia of breaching UN Security Council resolution 2401, which requires a ceasefire in Syria. Today it is threatening with new attacks on positions of government forces over the alleged use of chlorine. No evidence has been given this time, either," Slutsky said.

Washington builds its policy for Damascus on speculations convenient for it, he said.

"Since the time Syria joined the Chemical Arms Convention in 2013, those weapons have been completely scrapped in the country's territory, which is confirmed by international inspectors," Slutsky said.

"Hence, all of those statements are another trick used by the United States for weakening Syrian forces, which plays into the hands of terrorists," he said.

"This is yet another proof that the war on terrorism is far from being the genuine goal of Washington," Slutsky said.



  1. West Seeking to Rescue Militants through Chemical Attack Accusations...

    The West's new scenario to accuse the Syrian Army of chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta is only completing the desperate attempts of some western countries at the UN Security Council and the UN Human Rights Council to rescue the terrorists.
    The victories achieved by the army in Eastern Ghouta have made the terrorists and their sponsors repeat their common lies and fabricate allegations to stop the advance of the army and protect the terrorists, in addition to using those allegations as a pretext to launch aggression against Syria.

    The Syrian Government has at UN sessions warned against the campaign through which the terrorist organizations are preparing for the scenario.

    Confirmed information revealed few days ago that the terrorist groups had been ordered by their sponsors to use the chemical weapon in Eastern Ghouta to accuse the Syrian Army in a false flag operation.

    Military analysts believe that the failure of the terrorism-sponsoring states to ensure support for their tools in Eastern Ghouta pushed them to use the chemical attack false flag scenario which they have used several times before, but their allegations have been disclosed.

  2. Il Ministero della Difesa USA ha rifiutato di commentare le informazioni sulla pianificazione di un nuovo attacco militare in Siria, a causa del presunto uso di armi chimiche da parte delle autorità del paese...

    "Di regola, non stiamo discutendo di futuri piani di guerra", ha dichiarato il portavoce del Pentagono Adrian Rankin-Galloway. In precedenza il Washington Post, citando una fonte, ha riferito che l'amministrazione del presidente USA sta valutando le opzioni per nuove misure militari contro il governo della Siria. Secondo il giornale, il presidente la scorsa settimana ha discusso delle azioni possibili con il capo di gabinetto John Kelly, l'assistente del presidente per la sicurezza nazionale Herbert McMaster, il capo del Pentagono Jim Mattison. Trump ha esaminato le opzioni "per punire il governo di Assad dopo le informazioni sugli attacchi con l'uso di cloro", scrive il giornale.


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