Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Russia Reserves Right To Take Tough Measures After Moscow Drone Attack - FM

Russia reserves the right to take most tough measures after Ukrainian drones attacked Moscow on Tuesday, the Foreign Ministry said.

Russia 2-3 days ago hit Ukraine’s military intelligence center — Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday said the Russian military had hit Ukraine's military intelligence center.

NATO sends additional forces to Kosovo following clashes with Serb protesters

NATO said on Tuesday it was deploying extra forces to Kosovo after clashes in the north of the country in which 30 soldiers from a NATO-led peacekeeping force were injured.

At least 30 NATO troops injured in clashes with Serbs in Kosovo

The NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo-Metohija, KFOR, has raised the number of its troops injured in fierce clashes with Serbs to 30.

Russian Armed Forces hit the Patriot air defense system in Kyiv - Sergei Shoigu

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the defeat of American-made Patriot air defense systems by Russian hypersonic weapons.

Kremlin: Kyiv's attack on Moscow is a response to the strikes of the Russian Armed Forces on one of the decision-making centers

The Kremlin said that the attack by Ukrainian drones on the Russian capital is Kyiv's response to the effective strike of the Russian Armed Forces on one of the decision-making centers in Ukraine, which was inflicted on Sunday.

Several Drones Shot Down Near Moscow - Moscow Region Governor

Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorovyov said several drones have been shot down near the Russian capital.

Ukraine-Russia border ‘demilitarised zone’ floated for peace deal covering the Russian regions of Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk and Rostov

A demilitarised zone between 100 and 120 kilometres wide (62 to 75 miles) should be established in Russian border territory with Ukraine as part of any post-war settlement, an adviser to Ukraine’s presidential office has said.

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