Saturday, December 3, 2022

Belarus, Russia Sign Protocol To Treaty On Joint Provision Of Regional Security - Official

Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Saturday signed a protocol to a 1997 bilateral agreement on the joint provision of security in the region, the chief for international military cooperation at the Belarusian defense ministry said on Saturday.

Australia's Prime Minister Says He's Not in Group of Australian MPs to Visit Taiwan

Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said on Saturday he would not be part of a group of federal politicians set to travel to Taiwan for a reported five-day visit aimed at conveying Australia's wish to maintain peace in the Indo-Pacific.

Russia says again 'will not accept' price cap on oil exports

Russia “will not accept” the price cap imposed by EU and G7 countries on its oil exports, the Kremlin said on Saturday.

Macron says no reason to panic about possible French power cuts

French President Emmanuel Macron said there was no reason to panic about possible power cuts this winter, but he called on citizens to use less energy and on state utility EDF to restart nuclear reactors to prevent outages in case of cold weather.

Sweden extradites first convicted terrorist to Turkey under NATO membership memorandum - TASS

 Sweden extradited the first person convicted for membership in the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which Ankara considers a terrorist organization, to Turkey. This marks Sweden’s first concrete step on implementation of the NATO membership memorandum, signed with Turkey earlier, which implies extradition of people involved in terrorist activity, NTV reported Saturday.

Zelenskyy’s chief of staff: ‘Necessary to lower it to $30’ per barrel

The price cap on Russian seaborne crude oil agreed to by Western countries should be lowered to $30 per barrel to hit Russia’s economy harder, a senior Ukrainian presidential aide said.

EU, G7 Agree on Price Cap on Russia Oil Imports

The European Union and the Group of Seven industrialized nations have agreed on a $60-per-barrel price cap on Russian oil imports in an alleged attempt to starve Russia’s ongoing military campaign in Ukraine.

EU plans to criminalize violation of sanctions against Russia -

The European Commission on Friday proposed making the circumvention of the European Union's (EU) sanctions against Russia a criminal offense.

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