Friday, December 30, 2016

Syria: ISIL Terrorists Damage Euphrates-Aleppo Water Pipelines

Informed sources in Aleppo city said the ISIL terrorists have damaged the facilities that take drinking water from the Euphrates River to Aleppo city.

"Water pumping stations that were transferring water from the Euphrates River to Aleppo city have been destroyed by the ISIL," the sources said, adding, "Aleppo General Governorate and Water Company along with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent are trying hard to relaunch pumping of water from other resources into the city's treatment and purification plants."

Meantime, reports said earlier today that the terrorist groups that had contaminated drinking water of Damascus a couple of days ago also shut off the gas flow to the city in its countryside hours ago, forcing millions of civilians into dire humanitarian situation.

The militants damaged the gas pipelines that flow through the Eastern Qalamoun town of Jaroud and supply gas for residential areas in Damascus city and its countryside.

Militants had stated through their media pages earlier that they intend to punish the people living in government-held areas to retaliate government forces' military success in Eastern Ghouta, Western Ghouta and Aleppo.

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