Saturday, May 5, 2018

Turkish Army Jailing, Torturing Hundreds of Civilians in Syria's Afrin

its allied terrorists
The Turkish Army has arrested a sum of 3,000 civilians in Afrin ever since it occupied the city in Northwestern Aleppo and transferred them to different locations, a Kurdish media outlet reported on Saturday.

Hawar news quoted well-informed sources in Shih region in Afrin as reporting that the army has taken into captivity a sum of 3,000 civilians in several villages in Shih and transferred them to the village of Mirkan in Mobata region.

Hawar news further said that some of the jailed civilians have been transferred to the village of Qarmitlaq and some others have been sent to Turkey to be kept in detention centers there.

It further said that the captured civilians have been tortured severely by the army and its allied terrorists, adding that the Turkish soldiers have been shooting around blindfolded captives to scare them.

In the meantime, a local source on Bolboleh region said that the Ankara-backed terrorists have forced villagers in Khalika to leave their houses to replace them with almost 2,000 terrorists and their family members that had left Douma region in Damascus province under an evacuation agreement with the Syrian Army.

The source further said that the Ankara-backed terrorists have been forcing men and women in the villages of Shirwa and Bolboleh region to carry out hard jobs, including digging trenches and cooking food and serving the militants.

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