Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Russian Senator Warns of New US Attack on Syrian Troops

A Russian senator warned in remarks to Sputnik of new attacks against the Syrian military on Tuesday after the United States said it "identified potential preparations" for a chemical attack by the Syrian government.

The White House, in a statement claiming that Syrian President Bashar Assad's government is allegedly reading a chemical attack, said it would "likely result in the mass murder of civilians."

"The US is preparing a new attack on the positions of the Syrian troops, this is clear. A new cynical and unprecedented provocation is being prepared," First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Frants Klintsevich said, Sputnik reported.

Klintsevich said the new US attack "would be passed off as a chemical attack" and could be followed by a US strike "on a grouping that is on the verge of a constructive solution of the situation."

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