Thursday, May 31, 2018

Saudi, UAE, Jordanian Military Officials Meet SDF Commanders in Northern Syria

Saudi, UAE, Jordanian Military Officials Meet SDF Commanders in Northern Syria
The Saudi, UAE and Jordanian military commanders held a meeting with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) leaders in Northern Syria while earlier reports said that a 'border guard force' has been formed by the Kurdish forces in the region with the financial support of Riyadh.

Al-Jazeera news channel reported on Thursday that the Saudi, Emirati and Jordanian military officials met the SDF leaders and field commanders in the international coalition during their 24 hour visit to the US-led coalition's base in Kharab Ashk in Ein al-Arab (Kobani) region in Northeastern Syria.

Also, other reports said that the visit was aimed at establishing Arab military units in the region with al-Sanadid Forces, an SDF-affiliated faction, as its backbone.

Sources stated that in the upcoming period, the units would form one of the border guard forces, with the Saudi funding.

A militant-affiliated website reported on Tuesday that a number of Jordanian officers have participated in training the US-backed Kurdish Border Guard forces in a camp in Northern Syria.

Smart news affiliated to the US-backed Arab militias in Northeastern Syria, disclosed that six Jordanian officers along with four US-led coalition forces have joined training of Border Guards of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Hasaka.

The training camp is located in Sabah al-Kheir base South of Hasaka city, it said, adding that light weapons were used while training.

Smart news went on to say that the border guards have deployed along Syria's border with Iraq and Turkey, adding that the guards will serve two years and are paid a monthly salary of 115,000 Syria's lira.

The report claimed that there is no Saudi officer in the region at present, but, they are expected to arrive in the region soon.

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