Saturday, February 13, 2021

US Senate acquits Trump in impeachment trial - Times of India

The Senate voted on Saturday to acquit former President Donald Trump on an impeachment charge that he incited the deadly insurrection of Jan. 6, marking the close of a trial that laid bare the horrors of the riots and highlighted Congress’ halting efforts to extricate itself from the Trump era.

The verdict was long foreshadowed by Senate Republicans, who said they were unmoved by the House managers’ central argument that Trump’s months-long campaign to subvert the election results, as well as his incendiary remarks to a Jan. 6 crowd, sparked the violent riots.

But the 57-43 vote marked the first time since 1868 that a majority of the Senate voted to convict a president on an impeachment charge. And the seven Republicans who broke ranks are the most to support the conviction of a president from their own party.

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