Wednesday, November 29, 2023

UN General Assembly Renews Demand for Israel to Withdraw From Occupied Syria's Golan Heights

The UN General Assembly renewed its resolution demanding that Israel withdraw from Syria’s Golan Heights.

The resolution was renewed on Tuesday with 91 votes in favor, eight against and 62 abstentions.

The resolution says that United Nations member states are "deeply concerned that Israel has not withdrawn from the Syrian Golan, which has been under occupation since 1967, contrary to the relevant Security Council and General Assembly resolutions." 

The resolution was co-authored by a group of nations that includes Algeria, Venezuela, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, North Korea, Cuba, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, the United Arab Emirates, Syria and Tunisia.

The Golan Heights, which belonged to Syria since 1944, were seized by Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War. In 1981, the Israeli parliament passed a law unilaterally declaring sovereignty over the Golan Heights. The UN Security Council declared the annexation null and void in its Resolution 497 on December 17, 1981.

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