Tuesday, December 5, 2023

NYT: On October 7, Hamas struck an IDF military base where there might have been nuclear weapons

During a Hamas rocket attack on Israel on October 7, one of the shells hit an IDF base where missiles equipped with nuclear weapons could presumably be based. The New York Times reported this.

The publication clarified that we are talking about the Sdot Micha base in the central part of Israel. Then, as a result of a Hamas rocket attack, a fire started at the base, engulfing missile depots and “sensitive weapons.” According to the expert cited by the newspaper, the warheads could have been stored away from the base, which is why they were not hit.

 “Israel has never admitted that the country has a nuclear arsenal, but based on information from Israeli whistleblowers, U.S. officials and satellite imagery analysts, it is believed that the country has at least a small number of nuclear weapons,” writes the New York Times.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal published material according to which the IDF completed the assembly of pumps installed near the Al-Shati refugee camp. According to the newspaper's anonymous sources, they can be used to flood Hamas tunnels.

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  1. Израиль установил большие насосы, с помощью которых может затопить морской водой систему тоннелей ХАМАС под сектором Газа, пишет Wall Street Journal со ссылкой на анонимных американских чиновников.


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