Monday, February 26, 2024

Russia Creates Comprehensive Defense System Stupor to Counter Drones

Defense against drones involves a combination of technological, physical, and strategic measures, including the use of anti-drone systems, such as radio frequency jammers or satellite signal spoofing devices to disrupt drone communications and control.

Russia has created a comprehensive defense system against drones, capable of detecting and suppressing them in several ways at once, Vladislav Kustarev, director of the developer company LLC Stupor, told Sputnik.

"Taking into account the main requirements of users and specialists of the Rosgvardiya [Russia's national guard], the Ministry of Defense, and Russian special services, we have developed a unified system Stupor based on complementary detection complexes, such as radar station, radio frequency scanner, optical drone detection station, and countermeasures equipment for setting barrier interference and coordinate spoofing complex," he said.

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