Tuesday, September 25, 2012

FM Poposki Meets Greek Counterpart Avramopoulos

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Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki held Monday (24/9/12) talks with his Greek counterpart Dimitris Avramopoulos at the UN Headquarters!!!! in New York. Both ministers concurred that during the two-decade name dispute relations have changed significantly.
Members of the FYROM's delegation describe the meeting – the first one between the two ministers – as a chance to get to know each other. On its part, fFYROM urged the interim agreement and the judgement of the International Court of Justice in the Hague to be respected. The Hague court ruled that Greece cannot block FYROM’s integration processes.

The Greek FM failed to make any pledges in relation to the matter, but urged FYROM to respect Greece’s feelings involving its history.
Avramopoulos attempted to present Greece as a constructive party with willingness to settle the name dispute, which had already made concessions regarding the use of the name FYROM. Responding to this, FM Poposki said that the fundamental human rights of "FYROM' s citizens" , having the right to self-determination, must be respected.
Both ministers concurred that relations had significantly changed in the course of the two-decade name dispute. Avramopoulos agreed that Greece’s initial position about FYROM as a threat to the stability in the Balkans with territorial pretension toward Greece was no longer valid.
The meeting in New York is held after a recent visit of the UN head to FYROM.
FM Avramopoulos, who leads Greece’s delegation to the UN General Assembly, met today in New York with Ban Ki-moon and with name mediator Matthew Nimetz.
In the meantime, President Gjorge Ivanov is set to deliver an address at the Harvard University in Boston.
Later this evening, President Ivanov will attend a reception organised by U.S. President Barack Obama and he is scheduled to meet UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday.
Ivanov will address the 67th UN General Assembly on Thursday.
FM Poposki is expected today to take part in the High-Level Meeting on the Rule of Law.
*(After the necessary corrections with the name "FYROM".  
GREECE recognised this country with the name "FYROM")


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