Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Russia FM accuses US of contributing to spread of terrorism around the globe

The Islamic State terrorist group is, to a large extent, a product of a series of revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Singapore’s Channel News Asia."Of course, the actions by some of our colleagues, including the United States, to promote their own view of the world and to promote their vision how all countries must live, including through using military force, including through changing legitimate governments - all this brought to life so many uncertainties and gave rise to people who want to use terrorist means to achieve their goals," Lavrov noted.

"They [such people] think that "if somebody is allowed to use force, why don’t we follow the same example and promote our ideas. That’s how ISIL announced its goal to create the caliphate from Spain to Pakistan on huge territories," Russia’s top diplomat said.

"ISIL to a large extent, as we see it now, is a product of revolutions which took place in the Middle East and North Africa," he noted. "Whenever you start expanding your ideology not by persuasion but by force, you create so many risks and so many dangers - be it the promotion of Communism like the Soviet Union used to do, be it the promotion of democracy in spite of all the cultural differences and ignoring the traditions and values of the people whom you want to ‘make happy’, or be it terrorist ideas of the caliphate," the Russian Foreign Minister said.

"You cannot impose your will upon others by force," Lavrov added.

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