Sunday, June 26, 2016

After Brexit, Spain holds general election : Opinion polls have suggested the new ballot may also not break the political deadlock.

People across Spain are casting their ballots for the second time in six months, in a closely watched election just days after Britain's shock decision to exit the European Union.

The election is pitting voters asking for change in a country with high unemployment against those who fear this would worsen the situation for Spain, which was on the brink of economic collapse just a few years ago.

Polls were to close at 8pm (18:00 GMT) for Spain's roughly 36.5 million voters. Exit polls with projections are expected within minutes after that and most votes are expected to be counted Sunday night.

As of 2pm local time, turnout stood at about 36.9 percent, a slight decrease from the December number.

Outside a Madrid polling station, many voters said they wanted Sunday's election to bring a break with the past.

"I'm voting for change, so that our politicians understand that we don't agree with what they've been doing," said Maria Jesus Genovar, a 47-year-old teacher who was supporting Unidos Podemos.

Sunday's repeat vote comes after the four main political parties failed to agree on a coalition after December's general election resulted in a hung parliament.

Yet, opinion polls have suggested the new ballot may also not break the political deadlock...
 Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

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  1. Spain's ruling conservative Popular Party (PP) took first place in a repeat general election on Sunday but fell well short of a majority while far-left formation Unidos Podemos came second, an exit poll showed.

    Acting Prime Minsiter Mariano Rajoy's PP was on track to win 117-121 seats in the 350-strong parliament while Unidos Podemos leapfrogged ahead of the Socialists to finish second with 91-95 seats, the exit poll for public television TVE

  2. El PP lidera las elecciones generales, Podemos y PSOE, al borde de la mayoría ...

    Según los primeros sondeos a pie de urna, el PP ganaría las elecciones generales en España, pero sin mayoría absoluta, mientras que Unidos Podemos y PSOE se acercan a la mayoría absoluta, informa el diario 'El Mundo'.

    Los resultados del sondeo, realizado por Sigma 2, revelan que el Partido Popular ganaría las elecciones generales con un 28,4% de los votos y obtendría entre 117 y 121 escaños. En segundo lugar, aparece Unidos Podemos con un 25,6% de los votos y entre 91 y 95 escaños. Mientras que el PSOE sería la tercera fuerza más votada con un 22% de los votos, sumando entre 81 y 85 escaños. Por último, en cuarto lugar, aparece Ciudadanos con un 11,79% de los votos y sumaría entre 26 y 30 escaños.....


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