Saturday, July 9, 2016

NATO approves use of AWACS to support anti-IS coalition and EU immigration

North Atlantic Treaty Organization leaders approved the use of Airborne Warning and Control Systems on Saturday to support the international anti-Islamic State coalition and to help the European Union manage irregular immigration in the central Mediterranean.

During the Warsaw summit, it was decided the anti-IS AWACS will primarily assist with information-gathering and surveillance.

"We have decided to provide direct support to the fight against the IS," said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in the press conference that marks the end of the summit, adding that he hoped the move will be seen as "a clear signal of our resolve to help tackle terrorism."

  • All NATO members currently form part of the anti-IS coalition, but the Alliance itself is not involved as an organization.

Stoltenberg also announced that NATO has transformed expanded its Mediterranean naval mission 'Active Endeavor' to focus on supplying information, combating terrorism and supporting the EU with 'Operation Sofia' against immigration mafias.

  • He said the new NATO mission, named 'Guardian of the Sea,' will work "closely" with the EU on the foundation of the "efficient cooperation" they already maintain in the Aegean Sea, where forces from both organizations monitor the water and relay information to Greek and Turkish coast guards to reduce illegal immigration.

The NATO leaders also took measures to "project stability" in neighboring countries in the South faced with the rise of terrorism and the issues caused by illegal immigration, said Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg announced the next NATO summit will occur in 2017, a year before expected as they usually take place biennially, in Brussels to inaugurate the new headquarters.

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