Monday, August 22, 2016

Kiev opens criminal case against Russian defense minister, other top officials

The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has opened a criminal case against Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and 17 other high-ranking officials, Ukrainian Chief Prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko told reporters on Monday.

At least 15 among those listed are Russian Presidential Advisor Sergey Glazyev, former Presidential Envoy to the Crimean Federal District Oleg Belaventsev, the defense minister and his two deputies, and another 10 generals from Russia’s top military brass.

Lutsenko said all the individuals are charged with "committing grave crimes against the foundation of Ukraine’s national and civil security, peace and international order." "I suggest that all 18 Russian officials should turn themselves into the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office to testify."

The Ukrainians allegedly plan to put the so-called accused individuals on an international wanted list.

Ukraine will continue prosecuting Russian official representatives and servicemen tied to "carrying out an aggressive war against Ukraine with the goal of changing its territory." Lutsenko boasted.

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