Monday, November 28, 2016

British PM says Brexit keeps her awake at night

Theresa May admitted Sunday that of all of the challenges she faces as Britain's prime minister, it is Brexit that keeps her awake at night.

The politician opened the door of Number 10 Downing Street to give a rare insight about her journey to the top job in government.

May is known for not being a regular in the tea rooms and bars at Westminster where many politicians mingle and discuss matters of the day. As the Sunday Times said in its in-depth profile and interview Sunday, even members of May's own cabinet don't know her.

What politicians on all sides of the political divide do know is that before becoming prime minister, May served as the country's top interior minister at the Home Office for longer any other Home Secretary since 1892.

May was cascaded into the job following the resignation earlier this year of David Cameron after the June 23 referendum vote when Britain voted to leave the European Union.

May has signalled her intention to trigger the leave process by the end of March, hoping she can do so without the permission of politicians in the two Houses of Parliament.

That will be decided in just over a week when Britain's highest court, the Supreme Court, will rule whether May must put the Brexit issue before the parliament.

In the interview, May admitted that of all things on her plate, it is Brexit keeping her awake at night.

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