Saturday, October 7, 2017

Iraq official request on Iran, Turkey to shut KRG borders

KRG borders
In a Twitter message released on Friday evening, the Iraqi ministry urged Tehran and Ankara to close borders and to cut all trade ties with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, especially their oil-related transactions.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry also urged Iran and Turkey to maintain the existing relations with the Federal Government of Iraq.

Baghdad is cooperating with Iran and Turkey to implement all decisions made based on the country's constitution, read the message.

It reiterated that the Federal Government of Iraq continues to engage with the two neighboring countries based on good-neighborliness, respecting national sovereignty of Iraq, reinforcing bilateral cooperation and fighting common threats.

Despite domestic, regional and even international oppositions, a referendum was held on September 25 on the initiative of Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

In reaction to the referendum, Iraqi government ordered Kurdish officials to transfer control of borderlines and airports to representative of the Federal Government of Iraq.

In the wake of paying no attention by Iraqi Kurdish officials to Baghdad, all international flights were closed to Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

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