Friday, October 20, 2017

Raqqa 80 percent “uninhabitable”: US-backed Syrian militias prioritize clearing landmines

Raqqa 80 percent “uninhabitable”
The civilian council of Raqqa, created by United States-backed Syrian militias, is giving priority to removing landmines left behind by the Islamic State terror organization in the Syrian city, a key member of the council told EFE on Friday.

Omar Alloush explained that removing landmines would be the priority as soon as the council officially assumed the management of Raqqa city, which has now been completely brought under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Kurdish-led ethnically-mixed militia.

  • US-backed forces succeed in making Raqqa 80 percent “uninhabitable”...

As was predicted by some military analysts at and since the beginning of this year, the operation by the US-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces to capture Raqqa from ISIS has resulted in the city’s complete annihilation.

According to the United Nations, the campaign by US-backed, Kurdish-led militias to capture Raqqa from Islamic State terrorists resulted in some 80 percent of the city now becoming “uninhabitable.”

This statistic is revealed at a time when Kurdish militias pulled a questionable stun in Raqqa’s city center following their clearing the area from ISIS.

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  1. France Pledges 15 Mln Euros of Aid to Areas Freed From Daesh in Syria...

    The aid will be allocated to help people in the Syrian city of Raqqa that was cleared from Daesh militants on Friday.
    French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that some additional assistance worth 15 million euros will be sent to Syria by the year-end. It is planned to be spent on food, de-mining, displaced people, water and health.

    "France also hopes that the governance of these territories will meet the needs and aspirations of the populations and facilitate reconciliation."

    The news comes as the US-led coalition announced on Friday the city of Raqqa that was considered to be Daesh's self-proclaimed caliphate in Syria, was liberated by Washington-supported Kurdish forces.

    Le Drian has also called for assistance for up to 60,000 people, who, according to him, remain in Raqqa after the liberation.


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