Friday, November 3, 2017

Moscow: US military and international coalition commit war crime in al-Tanf

al-Tanf area near the Syrian–Iraqi border
Russian Defense Ministry said that the US military and international coalition are committing a “war crime” and violating international humanitarian law by preventing access to aid to displaced civilians in al-Tanf area near the Syrian–Iraqi border.

Russia’s Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria told reporters on Friday that the humanitarian situation near al-Tanf remains “extremely critical.”

“By having organized there its military base and prohibiting anyone from approaching it closer than 55km, the US bears responsibility for the situation, where dozens of Syrian internally displaced persons, staying at the al-Rukban camp nearby, are deprived of a chance to receive humanitarian assistance,” the Center said.

“Those Syrian families, which had managed to escape al-Tanf in search for food, confirm the information about the most critical humanitarian situation in al-Rukban, it added.

The center referred to a skirmish that happened near al-Rukban Camp where 13 Syrian refugees were killed and another 20, including children, were injured, stressing that “the US did not offer any medical assistance to the injured refugees. Actually, all those injured are doomed.”

The center explained that the US advisors are putting together another “moderate opposition” – the National Syrian Army, which is based on groups from Lions of the East, Kuwat Shahid Ahmad Abdu and Liwa Shuhada al-Karyatein.

It went on saying that the US advisors “directly bargain with the militants’ field commanders to negotiate the cost of enrolling every group. As a result, the revenues of the one particular group of militants may lavishly differ.”

“This difference was the reason of a major armed confrontation between the militants of the Liwa Suhada al-Karyatein and the Lions of the East, where 13 Syrian refugees were killed and another 20 people – including children – were injured in the skirmish,” the center clarified.

“Such actions of the US military and the so-called international coalition near al-Tanf constitute a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and can be qualified as a war crime,” it added.

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