Saturday, January 6, 2018

Iran: Nothing but Isolation Resulted for US in UNSC Meeting

Nothing but Isolation Resulted for US in UNSC Meeting
Iranian President's Chief of Staff Mahmoud Vaezi underlined that the UN Security Council's Friday meeting on the recent unrests in Iran bore no fruits for Washington but desperation and isolation.

"It was proved again that the result of the Trump administration's attempts against Iran and the (2015) nuclear deal is desperation and isolation," Vaezi said on Saturday.

"During the meeting, most UNSC members advised the US not to interfere in other countries and Iran's internal affairs and urged full implementation of the nuclear deal," he added.

Vaezi said that the UNSC's last night meeting was another victory for the Iranian people and a new and heavy defeat for US President Donald Trump's administration.

In relevant remarks earlier today, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined that the UNSC dismissed the US blatant attempts to interfere in other countries' internal affairs, and said that the move by the UNSC was another defeat for the Trump administration.

"The UNSC rebuffed the US' naked attempt to hijack its mandate. Majority emphasized the need to fully implement the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and to refrain from interfering in internal affairs of others. Another FP [foreign policy] blunder for the Trump administration,” Zarif wrote on his Twitter account Saturday.


  1. Official: Recent Unrests in Iran Masterminded by Operations Room in Erbil...

    Secretary of Iran's Expediency Council (EC) Mohsen Rezayee disclosed that the US, remnants of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam's regime, Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCRI) and Saudi Arabia masterminded the recent unrests in Iran within the framework of an operations room in Erbil of the Iraqi Kurdistan region.
    "An operations room was formed in Erbil a few months ago, led by Michael D'Andrea, the man in charge of the CIA operations in Iran; also the chief of staff of Saddam's son and Saddam's brother-in-law along with a representative of Saudi Arabia and a representative of Monafeqin (hypocrites as MKO members are called in Iran) were in there. Certain reports have also claimed the presence of the UAE's representative in the operations room and we are studying them," Rezayee said on Saturday.

    He said that the operations room had plotted to start its activities in Iran late in fall, using social media, and then hit a blow to the Islamic Republic early and mid winter, adding that they had named the project as "Fruitful Convergence".....

  2. The Chinese deputy ambassador to the United Nations criticized a United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss the recent protests in Iran, saying that the protests in the country against high prices were a “domestic issue”.

  3. US criticised for requesting UN meeting on Iran protests...

    A United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss recent protests in Iran turned into criticism of the United States for requesting to meet on what some member states said was an internal issue.

    France's ambassador to the UN said the protests do not threaten international peace and security, in what may be an implicit criticism of the US.

    "We must be wary of any attempts to exploit this crisis for personal ends, which would have the diametrically opposed outcome to that which is wished," Ambassador Francois Delattre said.

    "However worrying the events of the last few days in Iran may be, they do not constitute per se a threat to international peace and security," he added.

  4. Il segretario di stato USA Rex Tillerson non ha escluso che la prossima settimana Washington con una legge speciale modificherà l'accordo sul nucleare con l'Iran...

    "Il presidente ha detto che correggerà l'accordo con l'Iran o lo annullerà. Stiamo cercando di onorare la promessa di correggerlo" ha detto Tillerson in un'intervista all'agenzia Associated Press.

    Non ha escluso che una simile legge verrò approvata la prossima settimana "o poco dopo".


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