Sunday, February 25, 2018

Turkish Army Enters Strategic Region in Afrin in violation of UNSC resolution no. 2401

Turkish Army Enters Strategic Region in Afrin
The Turkish army and its affiliated militants continued Operation Olive Branch in Northern Syria, entering the strategic region of Jandaris in Afrin.

The Arabic service of Sputnik news agency quoted a field source as saying on Sunday that the Ankara-backed militants, supported by heavy artillery fire of the Turkish army, have occupied major parts of Jandaris in Afrin.

Field sources also said that the Ankara-supported militants have gained control over the villages of Maskouteh and Samalkan as well as the village of Meidan Akbas in Rajou region and the village of Bandar Lik in Shangal region.

In a relevant development, a Kurdish media outlet reported on Sunday that over 40 Turkish military men and Ankara-backed militants were killed and a large volume of their equipment were destroyed in Operation Olive Branch against the Kurds in Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo.

Hawar news reported that a sum of 35 Turkish forces and allied militants were killed and several more were wounded in clashes between the forces of Operation Olive Branch and the Kurdish fighters near the village of Umra in Shera region, adding that a military vehicle of the Turkish forces was also destroyed.

Hawar news further said that the Kurdish fighters stormed the Turkish soldiers and their affiliated militants near the town of Jandaris, killing 6 army men and militants and wounding several more.

In the meantime, a military vehicle of the Turkish forces was destroyed and three soldiers on board were killed in the Kurdish militants' attack near the village of Jaqla in Shiyeh region.


  1. Les dirigeants allemand et français ont appelé dimanche Moscou à exercer une "pression maximale" sur la Syrie en vue d'une application "immédiate" de la résolution de l'ONU réclamant un cessez-le-feu dans ce pays, a-t-on annoncé de source officielle à Berlin.

  2. La trêve humanitaire d’une durée de 30 jours en Syrie doit également s’étendre à l'enclave kurde d'Afrine, a déclaré Emmanuel Macron à Recep Tayyip Erdogan lors d’une conversation téléphonique.


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