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Urgent measures must be taken to resolve situation in US-controlled areas of Syria

US-controlled areas of Syria
The humanitarian situation in Al-Tanf and Raqqa, controlled by the US-led coalition, is the most difficult is Syria, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said on Wednesday. According to him, international organizations need to take urgent measures to resolve the situation.

"Civilians in Syria have been facing the toughest predicaments in areas controlled by the US-led coalition and armed opposition groups answering to the coalition," Konashenkov said. "Following ambitious statements about the liberation of these areas from the ISIL [the former name of the Islamic State terror group outlawed in Russia - TASS], they have turned into black holes as the situation there is clear neither for the Syrian government nor international observers. Moreover, these very areas have become rest zones for militants where bandits who have replaced black ISIL flags with opposition banners, receive medical treatment and rearm to continue terrorizing civilians," he added.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, the situation remains tense in the Rukban refugee camp, located near the US military base in Al-Tanf. "Up to 60,000 refugees are forcefully detained by militant groups controlling the camp… commanders of illegal armed groups only allow those whose family members remain hostages in the camp to leave the Al-Tanf area," the general noted.

Konashenkov pointed to the high level of morbidity and mortality in the camp since 20 volunteer medics from Jordan are allowed to take severely ill people to the nearest hospital only "in exceptional cases."

"Humanitarian convoys and the evacuation of the sick to medical facilities in Damascus could improve the situation, as it is being done in Eastern Ghouta," the Russian general added......


  1. Syrian civilians experience the most suffering in the areas controlled by the US-led international coalition and the armed opposition groups Washington is backing, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Wednesday.

    "At the moment, the most difficult circumstances for the civilian population of Syria exist in the areas controlled by the US-led coalition and the groups of the armed opposition it is controlling," Konashenkov said.

    According to the spokesman, the situation in these areas was not transparent to Damascus or to the international observers, despite the declared victory over Daesh terrorist group.

  2. La portavoz del Departamento de Estado de EE.UU., Heather Nauert, ha calificado de irónica la creación por parte de Rusia de corredores humanitarios en Siria, ya que, según ella, la totalidad del territorio del país árabe es una zona humanitaria...

    "Encuentro irónico que Rusia pida corredores humanitarios, zonas humanitarias. ¿Saben qué es una zona humanitaria? Lo es Siria por completo", afirmó la portavoz.

    Además, Nauert ha declarado que el apoyo de Moscú al Gobierno de Bashar al Assad muestra que Rusia no se adhiere al alto el fuego en Siria. "Rusia no se adhiere al cese el fuego porque continúa patrocinando y apoyando al Gobierno de Bashar al Assad. Es una tragedia. Como resultado de ello vemos a civiles inocentes, vemos a niños que sufren y mueren", señaló.

    La declaración de la representante estadounidense llega justo después de que la coalición internacional liderada por EE.UU. realizara un ataque aéreo cerca de una localidad ubicada al este de la ciudad de Deir ez Zor. Según la agencia SANA, en el bombardeo fallecieron al menos 24 civiles.

  3. Al-Tanf: une «réserve pour les terroristes» en Syrie, selon la Défense russe...

    Les États-Unis utilisent la zone à l’ouest de la Syrie sous leur contrôle comme une réserve pour les terroristes, selon le vice-ministre russe de la Défense Alexandre Fomine.
    Dans une interview accordée à la chaîne de télévision Rossia 24 le vice-ministre russe de la Défense, Alexandre Fomine, a évoqué une vaste zone à l'ouest de la Syrie actuellement contrôlée par les militaires américains.

    «Une zone de sécurité de 55 km de diamètre aux environs d'al-Tanf ne peut pas ne pas nous préoccuper. C'est sur la frontière avec l'Irak, à l'ouest de la Syrie, où une réserve a été créé, de fait, pour les terroristes. Là-bas ils se réarment, s'entraînent et c'est de cet endroit qu'ils réalisent leurs sorties. Tout cela sous la direction des forces d'opérations spéciales et d'autres unités américaines», a déclaré Alexandre Fomine.


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