Tuesday, May 1, 2018

US Secretary of State shows strong support in first visit to Israel

US Secretary of State
As Israel and Iran seem to be closer than ever to a head-on military confrontation, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo showed strong support to Israel in Tel Aviv on Sunday.

The main issue during the meeting between Pompeo and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was Iran, both the nuclear deal and Iranian presence in Syria.

In statements made after the meeting, the top US diplomat said his country remains "deeply concerned about Iran's dangerous escalation of threats to Israel and the region."

Netanyahu said Israel and the United States are "committed to stopping it (Iran) together."

"The United States would support Israel in any confrontation with Iran," said Eytan Gilboa, an expert on Israeli-US relations at Bar-Ilan University. "(US President Donald) Trump sees Iran as an enemy that has to be confronted."

Hours after the two met, media reports coming out of Syria said tens of Iranians were killed in a military strike in the north of the country. There is speculation that Israel is behind the attack. Israeli officials have neither denied nor confirmed the claim.

Just recently an attack on a Syrian air force base that killed several Iranian officials was attributed to Israel. The T4 air base in Homs was believed to be the location from which Iran launched an armed drone that infiltrated into Israeli air space and was later downed by the country's air defense systems.

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  1. Peu après l'allocution de Benjamin Netanyahou, où il a présenté des schémas censés attester d'un programme nucléaire de l'Iran, le Parlement israélien a adopté une loi permettant au pays d'entrer en guerre sans l'accord de tout le gouvernement.

    Le Parlement israélien a adopté le 30 avril une loi permettant au Premier ministre et au ministre de la Défense de décider d'entrer en guerre sans réunir le gouvernement.

    Cette loi, votée à 62 voix contre 41, donne la responsabilité au cabinet restreint de sécurité de décider d'une opération militaire ou d'une guerre sans se concerter avec le reste du gouvernement.


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