Monday, September 10, 2018

NATO Chief Urges Greece to Ratify Name Change Deal of Former Yugoslav Republic (fYROM)

NATO Chief Urges Greece
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday called on Greece to ratify the agreement on the new name for the former Yugoslav republic, signed in June.

"It is essential for the national credibility when a country signs an agreement and the other party delivers then both parts will deliver on the agreement. Anything else will seriously undermine the national credibility of any country," Stoltenberg told the Kathimerini newspaper in an interview.

He added that he "strongly believes" the agreement would be ratified soon.

"Meaning that this can happen quite early next year," Stoltenberg specified.

The NATO chief also stressed that fYROM would be able to join NATO only given the deal’s ratification and subsequent changes to its constitution.....etc
( sputnik )

***Un jour, ça ne vous suffit pas, un jour pareil aux autres il est devenu muet, un jour je suis devenu aveugle, un jour nous deviendrons sourds, un jour nous sommes nés, un jour nous mourrons, le même jour, le même instant, ça ne vous suffit pas ?

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