Thursday, September 17, 2020

EU Parliament Votes to Stop Recognizing Belarus President When His Term Expires


EU Parliament Votes to Stop Recognizing Belarus President When His Term Expires

The European Parliament said Thursday that Alexander Lukashenko should not be recognized as the president of Belarus when his term expires on November 5.   
The authoritarian leader was elected to a sixth term in office August 9, a vote that Belarusian opposition parties, the United States and European Union allege was rigged.
The European Parliament rejected the results of the August election by a 574 to 37 margin, with 82 abstentions. The Parliament also called on the European Union to impose sanctions on Lukashenko.
“The EU needs a new approach toward Belarus, which includes the termination of any cooperation with Lukashenko’s regime,” said Lithuanian centrist legislator Petras Austrevicius.
The EU Parliament’s rejection of the August election is not legally binding, but it can affect how the EU supports Belarus financially....VOA


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  1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus stated that the European Parliament resolution on the republic adopted Thursday bears an aggressive tone and does not contain a single constructive or balanced idea...

    The statement underscores that the Foreign Ministry "has made sure as to the [European Parliament’s] inability to comprehend the processes going on in Belarus and [EP’s] complete disconnection from reality, a reason why this body is often being criticized by the EU’s own citizens."

    "It is notable that the paper bears an obviously aggressive tone and does not contain a single constructive or balanced idea. It is impossible to go by anything in it, even if there was the will to," the statement reads.

    In its statement, Minsk expressed disappointment that the EP, which peddles itself as a serious, objective and democratic structure, "failed to muster enough political will to look beyond the end of its nose, to overcome the bias and not to fall hostage to cliches."

    "The MEPs could do with minimal knowledge of the international law and respect for the sovereignty of other nations. These qualities work much better at facilitating true progress in the international relations than the displayed intention to impose one’s own opinion, to rule the world or at least the entire Eurasia," the Foreign Ministry said.

  2. Belarus is forced to shut down its state border with Lithuania and Poland as well as boost border controls with Ukraine, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko said Thursday, calling on citizens of the three countries to stop their politicians and avert a ‘hot war’...

    "We are forced to <…> shut down the state border with the West, particularly with Lithuania and Poland. We are forced to ramp up the state border with our brotherly Ukraine, to our great sorrow. In the last few days, we have been forced to build up a joint defense of the Union State with the Russian president and the defense minister. We also boosted the long-planned drills that are being held in west Belarus," Lukashenko noted. "We also decided to hold them in two stages amid the difficult situation."

    He added that he would not want to see a war waged in his country. "Even more so I don’t want Belarus or Poland and Lithuania to turn into a battleground where alien issues will be resolved. Therefore, <…> I would like to address the people of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine: stop your mad politicians and don’t let them start a war," he said.

    1. Belarus's president, beleaguered by six weeks of mass protests demanding his resignation, has announced he is putting troops on high alert and closing the country's borders with Poland and Lithuania.

      President Alexander Lukashenko's decision on Thursday underlined his repeated claim that the wave of protests is driven by the West. He faces increasing criticism from the United States and the European Union.

      Protests began after the disputed August 9 presidential election. Official results gave the authoritarian leader a sixth term in office but opponents say the results were manipulated.

      "We are forced to withdraw troops from the streets, put the army on high alert and close the state border on the west, primarily with Lithuania and Poland," Lukashenko said at a women's forum.

      Lukashenko also said Belarus's border with Ukraine would be strengthened.

    2. El presidente de Lituania, Gitanas Nauseda, advirtió sobre medidas simétricas en respuesta a un posible cierre de la frontera por parte de Bielorrusia, informó el servicio de prensa del líder lituano.

      La víspera, el presidente de Bielorrusia, Alexandr Lukashenko, anunció la intención de cerrar las fronteras con Polonia y Lituania ya que las manifestaciones que se desarrollaron en la república después de las elecciones presidenciales, supuestamente fueron orquestadas desde esos países.

      "Creo que se trata de una provocación sin motivos específicos. Las autoridades de algunos países simplemente olvidan que en las relaciones internacionales rige el principio de la simetría: las fronteras pueden cerrarse por ambos lados", dice la nota publicada al término de la conversación telefónica entre Nauseda y su par polaco, Andrzej Duda.

  3. Nach angekündigter Grenzschließung: Litauen verspricht Weißrussland angemessene Antwort


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