Friday, November 13, 2020

Après la défaite au Nagorny Karabakh, les Arméniens plient bagage - RTL Info

"Restez ici? Impossible, ils nous tueraient!". Après la défaite des forces du Nagorny Karabakh face à l'armée azerbaïdjanaise, les Arméniens des territoires bientôt rétrocédés à Bakou sont convaincus de n'avoir le choix qu'entre la valise et le cercueil.

Dans le district montagneux de Kalbajar et sa capitale éponyme, les habitants font les bagages à la hâte et le coeur lourd, avant la remise à l'Azerbaïdjan dimanche, selon l'accord parrainé par Moscou, de ces terres conquises par les Arméniens dans les années 1990.

Dans le village de Nor Getachen, au pied d'imposantes falaises de roche noire formant une vallée, d'antiques et increvables camions russes Kamaz stationnent ici et là devant les maisons à potagers dispersées le long de la route caillouteuse.

Des hommes y entassent dans les bennes canapés, machines à laver, valises et les souvenirs d'une vie qu'il est hors de question d'abandonner "aux Turcs", comme on appelle ici les Azerbaïdjanais, peuple chiite turcophone, qui avaient fui ces mêmes terres trente ans plus tôt face à l'arrivée des Arméniens.........


  1. The war in Nagorno-Karabakh has sent tens of thousands of ethnic Armenians fleeing from the hostilities – and a peace deal, perceived by many as Armenia’s surrender, has left little hope of return, a family of refugees told RT.

    Some 90,000 civilians have fled Nagorno-Karabakh over the past few weeks as the forces of the breakaway region, supported by Armenia, clashed with Azerbaijani military troops.

    The self-proclaimed republic broke away from Azerbaijan back in the 1990s. The region, populated predominantly by ethnic Armenians, lived in the legal gray zone – and relative peace – for some 30 years, until the new war broke out late in September.

    “We’ve built our dreams, we’ve wanted our dreams to come true. But after 30 years, it’s war again. Again, everything is destroyed,” Nanar Eremyan, who fled the region’s capital Stepanakert, told RT.............

  2. Under the terms of a ceasefire agreement signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan on Tuesday, several ethnic Armenian-dominated regions would be handed back to Azerbaijan.

    Kelbajar region, including Dadivank, would be the first – returned by Sunday, November 15.

    Kelbajar is located in the northwest of Nagorno-Karabakh, the region that is inside Azerbaijan’s borders but has been run by ethnic Armenians following the breakup of the Soviet Union.

  3. Moscow and Ankara are working together in Nagorno-Karabakh, but don't fully see eye-to-eye. In an exclusive interview with RT, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted the countries disagree on the use of military force.

    “Turkey has consistently taken the position to approve a military operation,” Peskov explained. “We seriously disagreed, and still disagree about this with our Turkish colleagues. But this does not prevent us from continuing close interaction at all levels, including at the highest level.”

    According to the spokesman, the good relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan means that the two nations can put aside their differences and come together to solve problems in the Caucasus.


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