Sunday, May 9, 2021

Libya coastguard warns Italians against ‘illegal’ fishing in its waters | Al Arabiya English

Libya coastguard warns Italians against ‘illegal’ fishing in its waters

Libya’s coastguard on Sunday warned against “illegal” fishing in its waters, denying Italian claims it had wounded a fisherman as it fired shots during an operation against four boats from Sicily.

Citing “repeated, documented violations”, the coastguard said that on Thursday morning it had “received reports that four Italian fishing vessels were heading from southern Italy” into Libyan waters.

The coastguard dispatched a patrol to intercept and inspect the boats to ensure they were not carrying out “suspicious activities” or smuggling, it said....AFP


Neste sábado (8), o navio pesqueiro italiano Aliseo chegou ao porto de Mazara del Vallo, na Itália, após ser supostamente alvo de ataque por parte da Guarda Costeira da Líbia. No incidente, o capitão do pesqueiro, Giuseppe Giacalone, ficou ferido.

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